This was a fun one for Abbot’s Butcher. Anything that can mesh two of our passions together, food photography and product photography, gets us excited. Yes, please.

Food Product Photography for Vegan MeatNot to mention it was something we could get behind.

It was a lot of fun getting to play with all the different textures. The shot with the lemon, herbs, and potatoes is by far one of my personal favorites.

Getting to incorporate colorful food for contrast is always fun.

We also focused on three things for the brand.

1. Their brand mission statement

They were big on the idea of “bringing the outdoors indoors”, so we kept with rustic tones and incorporating fresh ingredients to lean towards that idea.

They were awesome and provided us with a brand photography guidelines PDF. We absolutely LOVE when our brands already know what they want out of their photos like that.

2. Incorporating the Human Element

With products, we always incorporate the human element as much as we can. Your customers want to see themselves in your brand, so show them!

It was super easy to incorporate that into this shoot, because there’s natural human interaction in cooking with vegan meat.

The trick there, of course, was using shiny silverware. Reflections are always tough to work around in photography. And we go so far as to select very specific silverware to match the brand. The spoon in the photo below was matte and classic enough to fit the vibes. We have a whole box of mismatched silverware just to select the right style for each food photo shoot!

Food Product Photography for Vegan Meat3. The product vibes

What we mean by this, is we wanted vibes more than specific product photos. We were going for the lifestyle. We wanted the photos to resonate with the customers they are trying to attract. We played with dark tones, and fresh ingredients with some warmed color tones. We leaned towards warm color tones to give off an inviting feel to draw people in.

The trick to the warmer tones was to achieve that in post production this time around, as it was raining the whole week that we were shooting. All of the photos were created in a dark room with artificial light this time around.

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