Food Product Photography for Vegan Meat
February 18, 2020

This was a fun one for Abbot’s Butcher. Anything that can mesh two of our passions together, food photography and product photography, gets us excited. Yes, please. Not to mention it was something we could get behind. It was a lot of fun getting to play with all the different textures. The shot with the lemon, herbs, and potatoes is by far one of my personal favorites. Getting to incorporate colorful food for contrast is always fun. We...

4 Reasons to Update Your Professional Headshots
February 14, 2020

Professional headshots should be updated regularly. With how visual the world is on the internet these days, an up-to-date photo of your face is necessary. We have a few reasons why you need to keep them updated, for relevancy and credibility. When were your last headshots taken, anyways? Is your LinkedIn photo grainy? No longer reflects how you look? It’s time to get that updated. If you’re not sure, here are just a few reasons. 1. YOUR...

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