If you’re looking for headshots, you’ll notice that you may have to choose between black, white, gray, or other color backgrounds at the photography studio. There are a few reasons to go with black over the rest… or reasons to avoid black as well.

Here are 5 Reasons to Use a Black Background for Headshots:

  1. Black backgrounds feel more intimate
  2. It creates a dramatic feel to your headshots
  3. It stands out from the crowd
  4. Colors pop out more on black backgrounds
  5. It has a creative vibe

Author Headshot on Black Background

  1. Dark Backgrounds in Headshots Feel More Intimate

We always suggest at least shooting on the black background as an option for our headshot clients that work one-on-one with their own clients.

It create a more personal feel to the photos, making you feel more relatable to the viewer and potential clients or customers. We find this works well for therapists, coaches, and nutristionists.

2. It Creates a Dramatic Feel to Your Headshots

The dark background adds emotion and depth to your photo, which could help in drawing potential clients and customers to you. Again, this is great for therapists, where people need to feel comfortable being vulnerable and trusting you with their emotions.

3. It Stands Out From the Crowd

Just look at all the headshots in your industry. Most are done on white or a drab off-white gray. Or, if we’re being honest, sometimes they’re just selfies. Stand out with a remarkable black background, making your photo and headshot pop off the page.

4. Colors Pop Out More on Black Backgrounds

If you want to wear a specific outfit that has a lot of color in it, or you want to draw attention to your eyes or a piece of jewelry, black is the way to go. White bounces a lot of light and can distract the eye, but black really focuses in the viewer on the subject. That’s why TV’s surround their screen with black, to draw the eye in to what matters, and make the colors pop out more.

5. It Has a Creative Vibe

Whenever we shoot authors, artists, or anyone in the film of photo industry, black backgrounds are our go-to in the studio. It makes the subject immediately feel more creative, and focuses the eye on any creative aesthetic.


At Whiskey Media Studios in Denver, CO, we shoot on black and white backgrounds, and ask that you bring multiple outfits so we can assess which outfits will fit best with which backgrounds. And in the initial consult, you’ll always be asked about what you do so we can determine the best fit for you as well.

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