Professional headshots should be updated regularly. With how visual the world is on the internet these days, an up-to-date photo of your face is necessary.

We have a few reasons why you need to keep them updated, for relevancy and credibility. When were your last headshots taken, anyways? Is your LinkedIn photo grainy? No longer reflects how you look?

It’s time to get that updated. If you’re not sure, here are just a few reasons.


Changed hair style. New hair color. Lost some weight. Life moves quickly, and our styles can change as life moves on. Make sure people know who they’re talking to by showing an accurate photo on your profiles.


How you were dressed in your LinkedIn profile photo previously may have been good enough for the job you had, but have you heard the saying? Don’t dress for the job; dress for the job you want. Level up with a new suit or blazer.

Professional author headshots on black background3. YOU CAN AFFORD BETTER PHOTOS

Let’s face it. Most of your photos you at least originally used on LinkedIn were likely phone photos, maybe even selfies. If that isn’t true for you, then props. For the rest of us… as we moved up in the world, we could afford better photography, and therefore look more professional.

Gray background headshot photo4. ESTABLISH YOUR BRAND PRESENCE

Every time a photo of you enters the interwebs with your name on it, it’s another opportunity for Google’s spiders to crawl and find it, adding yet another photo to your Google presence. SEO is key, even for your personal brand. With online content, the more the merrier, especially if you’re competing with others for your name. Get more photos up, take over the space.

Time for an update?

We can help you out. If you’re located in Denver, CO, hit us up and we can schedule your shoot to get you new photos. Look your best and upgrade your web presence. Let us help!